Kira Kira Star Night Club Event: Kira Kira Star Night 8-Bit Live

RIKI held a live chiptune show in the basement event space of Akihabara's Aso Bit City on December 8, 2013. The flyer illustrations were designed by Kamin.
Toromi, the voice actress that sung Kira Kira Star Night's theme song, appeared on stage dressed as Santa to sing. Kimishima, who played Fami-chan on Kira Kira Star Night's story CD also appeared dressed as Fami-chan herself!
Tappy strutted his chiptune stuff with his X68000's internal audio chip, while Robokabuto rocked with his dedicated Famicom based chiptunes. Kunio put on his Game Boy groove, all while Nico Nico Douga's LP'er Sentosu did an LP of Kira Kira Star Night's LV 2 mode. Throughout all of this, Makoto Aizawa's Kira Kira Star Night high-resolution TAS video played on the event screen.
Anyone who bought a copy of the Kira Kira Star Night: Perfect Book on the day of could get in. As a bonus, all Perfect Books sold at Aso Bit City had a 50/50 chance of containing an autograph by one of six of the Perfect Book's guest artists, each a popular writer/illustrator in their own right. (Nori Ochazuke, Yosai Kuchu, Fumio, Hagure Yuki, Linda, and RIKI.) Happily enough, pretty much everyone who came that day managed to hit it lucky and get an autograph! One person even got the ultra prize—a copy with all six autographs!

Kira Kira Star Night Remix Contest Announced

The "Kira Kira Star Night Remix Contest" has been announced!
Simply explained, musicians have to take three BGM tracks from the game and remix them in a massive remix battle! The winner will receive a genuine Kira Kira Star Night Famicom cartridge!

Contest Instructions:
Mix and remix three BGM tracks made by Kira Kira Star Night's composers: Bun, Robokabuto, and Tappy. Remixing a single track is okay, as is a combination of three different tracks. No multiple remixes of the same song allowed.

Remixable Songs:
Bun's Stage 1
Robokabuto's Stage 7
Tappy's Stage 9

Kira Kira Star Night Game Cassette x 1 (Grand Prize)
Kira Kira Star Night: Perfect Book autographed by RIKI x 6 (Top 2 remixes of each song)

Entry Conditions:
All remixing methods are accepted.
However, if you will be sampling music, only use music you have the rights to.

Entry Period:
September 1, 2013 to November 30, 2013 (23:59 PM)

Music Format:
MP3 format, under 20 MB.


Kira Kira Star Night Club Event

The release party for Kira Kira Star Night was held on October 12, 2013, at the Kawaski club "Club Tsukiakari Yume Terasu!" It was like a dream come true! Not only did Kira Kira Star Night music get people dancing, there were tons of drinks and even more fun! The status of the Kira Kira Star Night Remix Contest was announced, too! There was even a Kira Kira Star Night game contest to see who could get the highest score. Level 1 was just for practice… Level 2 was the true battleground! The contest winner got a limited-edition not-for-sale Kira Kira Star Night Famicom cassette!